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I hate SQL but I love Piet

2013-12-11 16:08:54 by pivottt

I'm not sure why, but the SQL syntax really can't enter my head. I can understand easily how databases work and I can create them with Access easily (horrible program btw) but I'm having trouble with the SQL language for some reason. Probably because it's too different. Then why do I like Piet ? That's quite a different language... I'm working on a Piet interpreter called ♭Piet (flatPiet, not sure how the flat ♭ symbol will show up on NG). I might realease the code when I'm done, but I'll definitely share the .exe file. Head to if you have no idea about Piet, it's awesome.

Game progress so far

2012-05-01 00:35:13 by pivottt

Hey, I'm still working on my video game. My deadline has been delayed to next week, Tuesday. The online version should be there by then, unless I chose to keep on improving the game after the deadline - you see, this date is only the limit for my presentation at my school. Submitting it online just makes it nice so that I can give the link to everyone I know.

It's a game made in .exe from A to Z by me. Actually, the only "not made by me" resource is the Nyan Cat sprite I used as an easter egg. Just enter the cheat code "nyan" to get something related to Nyan Cat, not sure about what it will be yet.

I use GML language to program, GM's sprite editor to draw and sometimes PhotoFiltre Free Edition. I used Dr Petter's sfxr to build my sounds and Audacity to record the music built with LBP2's music sequencer - the mess it was trying to make the recording PS3 to PC work with the line-in. What else... I won't need an installer since it's just a single .exe file which creates files in the same folder on first use, do I'll just zip it. Oh, SnIco Edit to make the icon, though I'm not sure if the original source of that program still exists. And hum... GM's Windows extension which comes with the Standard edition...

I still need to work on the pause screen, add a save system, improve the enemy spawning and add a level-up system, invent more cheatcodes, deal with the player's death... Lots to do and I'm working nonstop - other homeworks can kiss my @$$.

Making a computer game

2012-04-06 13:52:02 by pivottt

Hi guys, I've been on this website for a very long time and I think I once made an account, when I were around 8 years old so I lost it. Yup, I'm not new here, but I never felt the need of an account. I'm back here to post music, maybe some art and most important, news about my computer game in progress.

I'm building a full PC game in GML - Game Maker Language - using the very underestimated program Game Maker. It's a space shooter, nothing too conceptual here, but the fact that I make everything for it - art, music, sounds, program, ideas, font - makes me proud. Remember that I'm still 16. The game will be out for free next month, and if you have any funny ideas for cheat codes to be included, tell me. I think the word COKE should do something, small tribute to Edd.

Until then, I'm happy to join the community!